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Cognitive Behavioral Psychologist & Child Therapist in Roslyn, NY serving Long Island


Dr. Kerry Betensky, Psychologist In Nassau County, NY 

New York State Licensed REBT Psychologist in Private Practice

Dr. Kerry Betensky, Ph.D is a Roslyn, NY cognitive behavioral psychologist in private practice since 2001. Through a professional, supportive and focused approach, psychologist Dr. Betensky has helped her Long Island patients experiencing a wide variety of behavorial and emotional problems to live happier, healthier and more fulfilling lives by enabling them to cope more effectively with challenges.

Psychological services include:

Therapy Services:
•Individual Therapy for Children, Adolescents & Adults
•Couples & Marital Therapy
•Family Therapy
•Educational Advocacy / School Consultations / School Meetings
•Parent Training
•Parent Coordination

More details about Dr. Kerry Betensky's Therapy Services.

Diagnoses, Evaluations and Testing Services:
•Psychological Evaluations (IQ, Achievement, Personality)
•Diagnostic Evaluations of Children, Adults & Elderly
•Functional Behavioral Assessment / Personality Assessment
•Psycho-Educational Evaluations

More details about Diagnoses / Evaluations / Psychological Testing Services on Long Island, NY.

Credentialed as a licensed psychologist in NY, a Recommended REBT (Rational Emotive Behavior Therapy) Therapist, and a fellow of the late psychologist Albert Ellis, Ph. D, Dr. Betensky has been able to improve the lives of children, adolescents, teenagers, adults, elders and families teaching appropriate therapy and personal management strategies. more about Dr. Betensky's qualifications.

Location: My psychology practice is convenient to most Nassau County, Long Island, NY areas. Especially convenient to Roslyn, East Hills, Jericho, Brookville, Glen Cove, Sea Cliffe, East Williston, Port Washington and Manhasset. directions   map 

Therapy practice specialties:  

  • Depression, Anger Management, Anxiety, Fears / Phobias
  • ADHD (Attention Defecit Hyperactivity Disorder) challenges
  • Eating disorders
  • School performance issues for children
  • Emotional and behavioral problems of children, adoloscents and adults
  • Oppositional defiant behaviors
  • Difficulties arrising from gifted children
  • Family relationship issues, including divorce


What is a psychologist? What does a psychologist do? 

A psychologist is an individual who is licensed to practice psychology which is defined as the observation, description, evaluation, interpretation, and modification of human behavior by the application of psychological principles, methods, and procedures, for the purpose of preventing or eliminating symptomatic, maladaptive, or undesired behavior and of enhancing interpersonal relationships, work and life adjustment, personal effectiveness, behavioral health, and mental health.

What does the practice of psychology include?

The practice of psychology includes, but is not limited to, psychological testing and the evaluation or assessment of personal characteristics, such as intelligence, personality, abilities, interests, aptitudes, and neuropsychological functioning; counseling, psychoanalysis, psychotherapy, biofeedback, and behavior analysis and therapy; diagnosis and treatment of mental and emotional disorder or disability, alcoholism and substance abuse, disorders of habit or conduct, as well as of the psychological aspects of physical illness, accident, injury, or disability; and psycheducational evaluation, therapy, remediation, and consultation.

Who do psychologists work with?

Therapy and testing services may be rendered to individuals, families, groups, the public, and schools.

Private Practice Psychologist, Roslyn, NY
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Dr. Kerry Betensky
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